The Best Holistic Treatment for Yeast Problems

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The Best Holistic Treatment for Yeast Problems

Natural holistic treatment for yeast infections of all sorts can be completely treated successfully from infants to adults. Natural plants extracts are the most effective solutions to quickly rid the body or return the body back to a healthy balance. Certain pathogens inhabit the body frequently and are even a normal occurrence – this is why we have an immune system. But when our immune system is not functioning well, microbial will run rampant.

Candidiasis is considered to be a twentieth century disease. Yeast infections most frequently strike women, prompted by a yeast type fungus Candida that normally populates the intestinal tract. For treatment of infants, view further into the article. A weakened immune system, certain medications, allergies, hormonal changes, high sugar intake and a poor diet are usually the main causes.

The single greatest cause of yeast overgrowth is the overuse of antibiotics. Since antibiotics kill randomly, an imbalance between the good intestinal flora and the bad are created. To prevent recurring bouts of Candida, the diet must be addressed to promote health and an adverse environment for yeast fungus.

Probiotics are Needed

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus are Probiotics known for their immune boosting effects. These friendly bacteria inhibit Candida overgrowth; neutralize pathogens such as E-coli and Salmonella while fighting infection. Probiotics come in fresh or capsule form, also cultured dairy products like kefir and plain yogurt. For those who are allergic to dairy, non-dairy supplements are available.


Eliminate sugar in all its various forms from the diet, Candida thrives onsugar-614284_1280 it. Avoid sweet fruit, processed foods like ketchup, and white flour products. Restrict alcohol since it is composed of fermented and refined sugar.

Plant Extract

For aggressive elimination of Candida, various supplements have proven beneficial. Caprylic acid is a plant substance with natural occurring antifungal properties, compared to the prescription drug nystatin. Take for 1 month and then stop. Dosage can be made appropriate for children. Likewise, citrus seed and olive leaf extracts, and garlic are effective.

EFA’s (essential fatty acids) have strong antifungal properties. Fish oils and flax seed oil are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Evening Primrose oil, borage, wheat germ and black currant oils are high in omega 6 fatty acids. Niacin and biotin are B vitamins along with vitamin C have antifungal action. Consume lots of fresh, raw vegetables and juices, non sweet fruits, mineral water and herbal teas to eliminate toxins. Green food supplements with their high chlorophyll content strengthen the immune system while inhibiting Candida overgrowth. Prior to antifungal medications, the iodine found in kelp and dulse was the main treatment for fungus and Candida.

Herbal remedies such as calendula, horsetail, aloe vera, ginger, goldenseal and Echinacea have the capacity to eliminate and control the growth of harmful bacteria including the ability to soothe and repair intestinal tissue. These solutions will treat the problems in this article but not for the treatment of superbugs.

For more information on holistically taking care of this condition,reverse-gut-diseases-naturally- as well as other superbugs and viruses, pick up my book Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally for full remedies and dietary approaches for mainstream pathogens. Holistic treatment is completely successful whereas antibiotics are not and enhance these problems.

Treating Infants

Treatment of Candida for infants and children consists of changing to a high fiber diet and natural remedies of acidophilus and Bifidus. Green food supplements such as chlorophyll or barely greens to boost their immune system. Apply topical creams containing zinc, calendula and aloe vera to affected areas. The problem often stems from the high sugar content found in commercial baby foods, juices and dairy products. 

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