How To Reduce Heart Disease Naturally

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How To Reduce Heart Disease Naturally

Reverse Heart Disease – Cardio Infracts – Holistic Approach

Fourth in the Series

Cardiac death and contributing factors will be discussed in this fourth series of Heart Disease. Other associated problems have already been presented in previous articles like causes and contributing factors to Cardiovascular (First in Series). Second in the series was about Strokes and third in the series covers Aneurysms.

Silent Inflammation

Around the year 2000, elevated levels of silent inflammation just9781578266630 below the sensation of pain were revealed to be a strong component in heart disease as well as several other chronic illnesses. By recognizing this aspect of disease, it becomes especially important to adjust your diet and include natural herbs or supplements that quell inflammation.

As a first consideration, the diet is the main contributor to inflammation since North Americans have little to no knowledge of how much harm is done by certain items used for cooking, besides store bought and prepackaged foods, that support the inflammation pathways in the body.

Prevent Heart Attacks with Fish Oils

I have written often on the vital value of fish oil and other omega 3 fatty acids. Simply put a person cannot be well or remain so if they do not routinely find a way to incorporate these fats into their daily diet. In truth I cannot emphasize this enough. Just as the old saying goes, “If you knew what I knew.” Here is a short support statement about fats published in Circulation.

“There is overwhelming evidence that EPA and DHA fish oils are clearly cardioprotective and are highly protective in preventing sudden cardiac death, death from heart disease and prevent certain arrhythmias. Epidemiological studies show a strong relationship between fish oil intake and reduced stroke risk because less carotid plaque is formed along arterial walls of daily fish oil users.” Circulation.

Heart Repair

Once an individual has experienced a heart attack, and survived, they now need to assess the damage to the heart tissue and commence a restoration process. Restoring the heart and its surrounding system is an area that is not given much attention in allopathic medicine. It is for this reason that I made the statement in a previous article, what do all of these heart related conditions have in common? The underlying cause is never dealt with. Instead previous and current research is looking for ways to make new drugs such as inflammation inhibitors, and the standard blood thinners among others.

Case History

When the heart becomes damaged depending (on the degree of damage) will determine certain options. In severe conditions a heart transplant may be the only option. A close family member of mine suffered a heart attack which resulted in only ten percent heart function. He remained on a respirator until we agreed to stop the procedure. This was his first incident which resulted in death. Another similar close family member had a heart attack and became the first recipient of an eight way bypass in his very populated area. He did survive for many more years pass this occurrence and bettered himself through diet and remaining active.

Regenerating the Heart

The problem with restoring the heart conventually is the amount of scar tissue that has occurred in the heart following a cardio attack. The importance of this lies in how much of the heart muscle remains that is viable which must now adapt and compensate for its damaged and dead tissue. Naturally concerns now surround the disrupted cardiac equilibrium which can quickly turn to an irregular heart beat. This can be fatal.

Once the scar tissue is healed or systemically removed which would be a holistic approach – a person may be able to resume their life. In order to ensure this state of good health, a person would need to look into all the reasons why this has happened in the first place. Many of these topics have been touched upon but the first and foremost aspect for renewed heart tissue and improved circulation is diet intervention.

Realizing that ultimately everything goes on at a cellular level, behavioral is important as well. How you adapt to this new situation. Your heart is a feeling and emotional organ with many more neurons than the brain. The saying “put you heart in it” is not just a slight of tongue. This is a second chance in life, be grateful for most do not get this opportunity.

My Personal Message

As an individual, I am all about what can be and infinite possibilities. Can’t is not something I embrace personally or professionally. I have come to witness too many amazing feats by people who thought their future was hopeless and already predicted. They encourage me more than I encourage them.

I am however being encouraged by my current publisher to write more books on disease reversal processes besides the ones listed in my announcement. With you and my patients in mind I continue to write and share in hope to better your quality of life and provide an opportunity for choice.

Appointment Protocol

A suggested appointment schedule involves the initial assessment which covers all aspects of symptom complaints and an explanation of natural remedies and solutions, including diet adjustments and deficiencies. Depending on how many correlating symptoms require attention, additional appointments may be needed. In subsequent appointments, diet and supplement adjustments are made, as are any additional concerns that may still need to be addressed. Two to three appointments is typical.

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