Crohn’s Disease Ulcerative Colitis Diet

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Crohn’s Disease Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Initially the diet plays a significant role for colitis and all other intestinal diseases. A main complaint upon first seeing a patient is “What can I eat that will stay in me”. A body cannot rebuild if it cannot hold nutrition. All too often the doctors treating patients tell them the diet has nothing to do with their colitis or gut disorders. Learn how to manage your symptoms from the onset of treatment, onto its full healing stage, using the specific dietary protocols in my book “Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally”.

This book contains the most up to date dietary recommendations and government disclosure regulations implemented by the food industry for the protection against gluten and other harmful agents not labeled on food. Learn about the best fiber choices and the gluten free ones that will feed you while creating a medium for correcting dietary deficiencies. Learn how to stop diarrhea, and constipation with easy to use protocols.

Within ‘Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally’ contains individual, specific dietary protocols for Colitis and all other gut complaints such as Crohn’s, Celiac, IBS, Diverticulitis, Constipation and Chronic diarrhea.

Take comfort in the fact there is a solution and an end in sight to your suffering. The program I have put in place is for you to feel better than you did before you had any symptom complaints.

Similar dietary protocols are applicable in the presence of gut permeability of the intestinal tract. One example would be the grains recommended for a Celiac diet, which often adapts to most gut conditions such as colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s and IBS. Also, dietary recommendations geared to conditions of colitis and ulcerative will not be dissimilar to that of inflammatory bowel disease which includes Crohn’s disease; especially in the initial stages of disease reversal.

*This article will be very concise compared to the very detailed andreverse-gut-diseases-naturally- lengthy treatment programs in my book ‘Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally’ (R.G.D.N.). Within the book, dietary programs are individualized to each condition, as are the solutions, which also adjust to the stage of healing that is required.

Initial Stages of a Colitis Diet

The initial onset of treatment always starts with what is taken into the body and what is tolerated. The main problem with a colitis diet protocol is it needs to be individualized to the degree of nutrient loss by the body itself and the nutrient deficiencies that are necessary to rebuild a low functioning body and immune system. This is not to imply that the immune system is not overactive but a colitis diet needs to cover as many missing elements and components as possible. For this reason, supplementation will be required for a quicker turn around.

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Ulcerative colitis (Pancolitis) and Colitis Diet

1. Firstly, remove all and any substance or fluid that has presented an unwanted symptom.

2. Keep a food journal that also includes adverse symptoms and the time of occurrence. Symptoms from food can produce an immediate response or a delayed one up to 48 hours later.

3. You will be safe following the grain restrictions for a Celiac diet. In my book (R.G.D.N.) you will find the most up to date information for a restricted gluten free diet, new government standards for labeling foods that are being implemented and lists of safe foods, fiber and grains for dietary consumption.

4. Generally avoid all acid dairy products such as dairy milk from a cowbreakfast-642126_1280 (goats milk is normally safe), certain cheeses, ice cream, cream etc. Non acidic dairy includes items that contain Probiotics which are essential to the healing process and must be included in a Colitis Diet. Whey protein powders are very useful at this time and can be purchased lactose free. Be sure you are not sensitive to the protein in dairy (casein). Other protein powders should be considered like hemp powder, pea powder, nutritional yeast powder or flakes and goats whey powder.

*(R.G.D. N. contains safe and non safe foods and substances and how to substitute common dairy and grain products)

5.  Avoid all acidic and chemical beverages which include coffee,     strong black tea, soda, sugary drinks, alcohol, wine etc.

6. Avoid any food that is hard to digest such as large pieces of animal protein (meat). And do not eat starch and protein at one meal time (meat and potatoes). Your main digestive enzymes for these foods cease to work when secreted together. Also, many people are low in sufficient digestive enzymatic activity due to years of poor food choices. For this reason a person feels tired shortly after consuming such a meal.

A colitis and ulcerative diet must consist of easily digested food – in angreen-456839_1280 easy to digest format. Smoothies, soups, coarsely ground stews; highly nourishing liquids (vegetable and green juices) are some examples. If food is passing through the gut very quickly, this then becomes the time for the previous mentioned food preparations. Take the load off the gut. The digestion of food requires a great deal of energy which is much needed elsewhere for tissue repair and boosting the immune system.

Key Point: Healing teas are essential for replacing medications thatdoctor-906140_1280 are currently being taken and/or for those that have been prescribed, but have yet to be filled. These types of formulas and individual solutions are the back bone of my programs but do not fall under a specific colitis diet. For this reason I am not including medicinal remedies in this segment. However it is a necessary component in the book for replacing the drugs needed for the problems of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, diarrhea and bleeding, anxiety and depression – all of which must be replaced with safe alternative solutions that work and void of side effects.

8. Fiber plays an intricate role when diarrhea or bleeding is present asherbs-216470_1280 well as with malabsorption. These types of problems create nutrient and electrolyte depletion. To help rectify these and other deficiencies, fiber is a great medium for consuming necessary supplementation, especially when everything you eat or drink causes discomfort. *There is substantial information about fiber and its nourishing value throughout the book. It plays a far greater role than most would imagine and the many forms are far different than those fibers customarily known by the general public.

To sum is up, it is not what we eat but what we assimilate (absorb). A body cannot rebuild and be expected to function optimally if it is missing most of what it needs to perform with. Keep the diet high on nourishment and low on digestive requirements until sufficient reduction of symptoms occurs. Following the protocols in my book, you will notice a significant reduction of symptoms within a week or two. A person’s energy is much higher and a renewed hope and confidence that it is possible to fully and quickly reverse these conditions once and for all. I do not make this statement lightly. I have provided full and detailed evidence in my book ‘Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally’ governing all the stages and steps required for a complete recovery.

Once you view my current case histories showing everything they consumed – including supplements and solutions and (their remarkable healing and disease reversal), you will know why I make the claims that I do. My goal is for people to be able to make better and informed decisions about their health and well being. And have awareness of safe, natural, alternative solutions.

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Contained in the book ‘Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally” is the most up to date dietary protocols. The latest government regulations for patient’s protection. Each condition has an individualized dietary plan. It also includes a wide variety of the safest grain choices for those who need to be gluten free.

A main feature is correcting nutritional deficiencies. A body needs to be nutritionally sound if it is expected to heal and experience a disease reversal. Michelle Honda has extensive knowledge on clinical nutrition. Within RGDN is a superb program for empowering the body to heal. A tired body cannot heal itself.

The programs in “Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally” has already shown to be invaluable – A true treasure for these times.

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