Malnutrition: Events Leading to It and Related Illnesses (1 of 2)

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Malnutrition: Events Leading to It and Related Illnesses (1 of 2)

Malnutrition plays a prominent role in the advancement of an illness and in its recovery time. A few examples of conditions directly related to malnutrition: Ulcers – Acid Reflux – Crohn’s – Colitis – IBS – Bulimia – all Gut Dysbiosis – Mental activity – Brain Involvement. Learn how these conditions manifest and the foods and substances that promotes the body to suffer with malnutrition.

Malnourishment is a Major Problem

Malnourishment attaches itself to many disorders and conditions through insufficient amounts of necessary dietary nutrients. This scenario is routinely observed with the aging population, obese individuals, children and adults living in poverty and poor dietary choices. These are but a few circumstances and I am sure the viewers can think of many more. Another area where malnourishment is prevalent is when our digestive system becomes compromised as in conditions of Bulimia, Anorexia, Crohn’s disease, Pancolitis, Colitis, IBS, Celiac, Stomach Ulcers, Chronic Diarrhea and any similar health event.

Initially the goal is to find highly nutritious foods and their forms that will best assimilate into a weaken system. The focus of this content will be on malnourishment resulting from a gastrointestinal problem involving leaky gut, inflammation, diarrhea and a damaged intestinal lining. Although, the recommendations for feeding the body will apply to any undernourished individual.

Setting up the Environment for Malnutrition

It is helpful to locate the source or trigger causing food to be eliminated from the body, well before its completed stage of digestion. Circumstances could be food related or other as seen in the following triggers: high stress events or prolonged stress, bad habits, prolonged usage of medication, injury related, drug abuse and inappropriate dosage of antibiotics. From a constant bombardment of irritating substances or intolerances, the intestinal tract becomes damaged and unable to perform properly. This is particularly so with the more serious conditions of gut disorders.

On the lighter side, when an intolerance or sensitivity isn’t the culprit, the lifestyle is usually to blame. This pattern becomes very apparent when the symptoms of pain, nausea, indigestion and bloating are involved. These symptoms commonly relate to lesions or ulcerations in the stomach lining, heartburn associated with gastritis, and hernia of the stomach.

The subsequent information will touch on common causes and a sequence of events that lead to the worsening of a condition.

Stomach Ulcers and Acid Reflux

The start up of stomach ulcers and acid reflux is less complicated usually involving an imbalance of Probiotics (acidophilus and bifidus strains) and H-pylori; and too many acid foods or fluids causing inflammation and a weakening of the sphincter muscle at the bottom of the esophagus – allowing acids to flow upward. Another perpetrator for these conditions is an ongoing usage of antacids especially in a prescribed form.

• Coffee is the number one cause that I most often see when a patient has a lot of pain or an ulcer has formed.

• Low to non existence of Probiotics being consumed into the body

• Enhanced levels of H-pylori initially due to low Probiotics

• Over use of Antacids

• Acid and chemical fluids such as pop, energy drinks, acid juices

• Smoking

• Alcohol abuse

• Medication abuse especially those for pain, inflammation and acid conditions

Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

The following is a sequence of events within a gut diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disorder such as Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis. All of the above offending substances would not be welcomed with any gastrointestinal disorders such as the ones mentioned in this post.

1 Food intolerances and the inability to digest sugars from carbohydrates and gluten and dairy intolerance.

2 Incapacity to digest sugars and absorption of disaccharides resulting in malabsorption.

3 Bacterial overgrowth producing by-products that injure intestinal walls.

4 Excessive mucus production from irritating microbial overgrowth impairs digestion.

5 Imbalance of gut micro flora. The gut becomes over run with yeast and damaging micro organisms promoting degeneration of intestinal walls.

Whenever dealing with a serious gut problem such as the ones listed in this text, a main focus of the dietary program is to determine the offending substances which would then deny the microbial bacteria the nourishment it needs to proliferate within the intestines and therefore calm down the immune response. All GI sufferers were not necessarily born with an inherent weakness. A few of my patients have had Crohn’s develop purely from emotional stress. By far the more typical culprit is the resulting problems of antibiotics and food intolerances.

A Non Diet Cause for Colitis Other than Stress

I am mentioning this particular incident since I have not noticed it related to Pancolitis (ulcerative colitis), Crohn’s disease, or IBS. I am referring to an injury to the tail bone at some prior point to the development of Colitis. Some examples are persons who fell off a swing when they were young or fell on the ice and damaged their tail bone. Think of all the sports related injuries such as figure skating, football and soccer. It only needs to happen once which I have observed, yet unfortunately, there are the unavoidable circumstances that surround sports such as skating.

How to Add Offending Foods Back

:into the Diet Once Healed that Were Not an Inherent Weakness

In cases where an inherent weakness is not the culprit, once the intestinal tract has fully healed, an offending substance such as gluten may be reintroduced slowly in order not to trigger the immune response. When a foreign substance has made its way into areas of the body like to blood and should never be there, the brain remembers the offender and initiates the immune system to attack and remove it. Gluten is a small protein and easily slips through holes in the guts of those with a compromised intestinal tract. This protein is never supposed to be in the blood. SO the problem becomes faking out the brain so to speak. This is the important reason for adding certain known intolerances back into the diet very slowly, so not to trigger an immune response. This scenario explains why antibiotics do not work well once initially consumed.

Do not test too early. I find this to be a common problem that I run into. People start feeling much better and want the comfort foods they have been missing. It takes time to strengthen and thicken the newly healed areas of the body and of course we have the brain that does not forget so easily. Be aware that many times we actually do crave what we are allergic to. If you crave chocolate, the body often wants quality fat such as those found in Essential Fatty Acids. I will cover these fats and more, in great detail in future posts.

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