Youth Does Not Need to Be Fleeting: How to Regenerate Your Body and Mind

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Youth Does Not Need to Be Fleeting: How to Regenerate Your Body and Mind

Did you know that you can support your body’s natural ability to regenerate to achieve ultimate health? There is an unrelenting misconception that ‘youth’ is fleeting. Our body’s ‘can and do’ regenerate itself. Cells die – yes – but they also reemerge and you can actually help this regeneration process!

Not that long ago it was believed that brain cells only decline with age. Lifestyle choices and certain substances, and several medications taken into our bodies cause death to our brain cells and other degradation of tissue/cells in your body.

People of advanced years may even regenerate a comparable number of new brain cells as our youthful counterparts. It is not just possible, but doable, to radically rejuvenate your body and entire way of life through personalizing your diet, better lifestyle practices put into place and a fitness routine geared to your own individual capabilities. Learn of some of the worst Robbers of Youth and read on for main Key Ingredients to Reverse Cell and Body Degeneration.

Pit Falls to Watch Out For

Bad Fats: Vegetable and grain oils and hydrogenated fats are very harmful to our body. These are not the type of fat that the body wants or can work with. Twenty nine percent of excess weight in North America has now been attributed to these fats, not all carb and sugar related as was once thought. Note that store bought baked goods and sugar products are virtually always mixed with an unwanted fat. Do not use the following oils and fats: canola, corn, soybean, safflower, margarine, and hydrogenated oils like shortening.

Smoking: It is called a willful death for a reason. One can achieve and greatly improve their health while still smoking but the two scenarios do not seem to go together. In order for a real change in ones mindset and lifestyle, smoking cannot be part of the picture any longer. The thought processes that invoke good health don’t seem to blend with practices that pollute and poison a body.  If need be, seek help to put an end to a habit that robs your youth “rapidly”.

Sugar: White death is putting it mildly. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. And the more you eat the more you will want to eat. We all have an opioid brain center that reacts to sugar, alcohol and other recreational drugs and certain medications that are frequently in the media. It may seem hard to believe but by simply leaving these substances out of your diet for a protracted period of time, at least a few weeks, you will recognize the reduction of cravings and desire for such items, hence regaining self control. Let’s not forget, sugar is the number one food source of cancer.

Alcohol: Addictions of every kind rob our bodies of life promoting, and mood and health stabilizing nutrients. Constant intake of alcohol or an excess amount on a daily basis, creates dysfunction in our brain/thought processes causing dementia – alcohol poisoning, severe Thiamin deficiency (B1), and like smoking ravages the body throughout.

Dead Food: How can one expect to get life giving nutrients when all they eat is dead – completely void of any life force. For health and longevity and in maintaining a youthful appearance, our bodies require life giving live enzymes and antioxidants which are found in raw food.

Nutrient Deficiencies and Chemical Additives: Firstly, if it is not in the soil, it will not be in your food. Plus more and more products are GMO grown and loaded with poisonous chemicals; such as artificial sweeteners, pesticides/insecticides, preservatives etc -reeking havoc on our hormones and endocrine systems which is a key component to maintaining vitality and youthfulness. Our body systems such as the immune, reproductive, nervous, circulation, respiratory and so on, all require a certain amount of nutrition/nutrients in order to perform their life giving functions, otherwise disease ensues simply due to a low malfunctioning body being expected to do a job with only a fraction of what is actually needs to perform optimally with.

Help for Removal of Addictive Substances

Cleansing techniques like fresh vegetable juice (be sure to include a generous amount of beet and carrot and a quality green like dandelion and parsley); and herbal teas can greatly hasten the process of cell cleansing and rejuvenation. Look for plants that stimulate the liver, kidneys and bowels.

Liquid chlorophyll added to water is highly beneficial for it directly assists the liver in detoxification and the lymph system, all the while providing alkalizing to your body (great for acid reflux) and building up the blood. See your doctor for other suggestions if you cannot stop smoking on your own.

Mood Swings: There are also plants like passionflower, skullcap, valerian and like that calm anxiety, depressive symptoms and the nervous system in dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Purchase in tincture form for more potency and apply on the tongue for quicker relief. For example put 1/4 teaspoon of tincture on the tongue, hold 30 seconds to 1 minute before swallowing and take every 15 minutes initially and then every 2 to 3 hours depending on symptoms and need. May be taken as needed.

Key Elements to Maintain Youth and Longevity and a Disease Free Body

Supplements and Why We Need Them
Our body performs an incredible number and variety of functions throughout the course of a day, many of which require very specific nutrients. But because the general public oftentimes has little knowledge of what is needed nutritionally to restore and maintain their bodies, their systems lack key elements, which need to be added through outside sources.

Whether you’re looking to empower your body to heal, hoping to bring about a full disease reversal, or looking to achieve an optimum level of improvement, certain lifestyle changes—along with meeting key dietary needs—are required. The following is a set of recommendations, required on an ongoing basis, for anyone wanting to achieve wellness and maintain a disease-preventative lifestyle.

Stop Breaking the Body Down

The first step is to cease creating any further imbalances within your body while reducing any known contributors for disease. For example, if you smoke, either quit smoking or greatly decrease your daily amount. If your diet is too high in acidic substances (which can cause inflammation and create immune disturbances), most notably coffee, alcohol and sugary and caffeinated beverages, reduce your intake of these problem foods. Avoid starchy foods, flesh protein, and sugar, and lower or eliminate your consumption of harmful, chemical-laden food substances, including irradiated salt, chemicals, processed meat products, soda, prepackaged food, white flour and white rice, chemical sweeteners, and food with preservatives.

Supplements for Your Endocrine System

We cannot maintain a youthful appearance or continued activities that were once pleasurable when the body cannot keep up with hormone production. Also when a person finds themselves in a state of persistent fatigue or depression, often it is their endocrine system that is to blame. Both of these conditions require support from specific hormones and particular glands and organs of the endocrine system, support that can be greatly aided or enhanced by supplementing with whole plants or their concentrated extracts.

The following information is intended to guide you through what is involved in supporting your endocrine system, an important area of your body, albeit one that may be unfamiliar to you. To put it simply, your endocrine tissue requires high quality fat and protein. Because the cells in our body cannot differentiate between foods and substances that promote cell energy or cell exhaustion, the responsibility falls on us to make great food and quality supplementation choices that will both produce and sustain vitality.

Take note of these recommendations; notice that many of these items are not supplied in the foods normally consumed by the general public. And even if they are contained in the food you eat, the amount of nutrients they contain generally fall far short of the quantities deemed necessary by our physiology. In short, attempting to achieve these values through dietary support alone is challenging and ultimately inefficient. It is for this reason that an appropriate supplement protocol can be so beneficial and valuable.

To boost your energy naturally, choose from invigorating herbs like rhodiola, gotu kola, astragalus, ginseng, and suma, and amino acids (rather than coffee). Essential fatty acids such as those found in fish oil and seed oils are required on a daily basis for optimum endocrine support and function. Vegetable and green juices offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and enzymes, all of which benefit the endocrine system as a whole.

Additionally, probiotics should be considered as our primary immune support system, as they initiate the inflammation response associated with heart problems and all other diseases. Besides learning that probiotics are necessary for thyroid health, research has determined specific ways in which probiotics lower excess cholesterol while increasing its metabolism. Researchers view the addition of probiotics to be an important strategy that will significantly modify the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

When discussing the support of the endocrine system, we are primarily discussing support for the thyroid and adrenal glands, the pancreas, and the liver, all of which have a large impact on our overall health and how we feel on a day-to-day basis. The following are a few examples of supplements proven to support these key glands and organs while improving our overall energy levels and mood.

Supporting the Thyroid

The thyroid gland is the regulator for efficient energy production in the body. Inadequate levels of thyroid hormone (when not produced and sustained), can have a large impact on our energy levels. Our energy levels are determined by the rate at which our bodies metabolize the food we eat into energy, a process which is established and controlled by the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone works with and affects every cell in our body.

This gland is often referred to as an “emotional” gland. Any circumstance that creates large amounts of stress, heartache, or grief can quickly deplete hormone reserves in the thyroid. Your thyroid may need attention if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Poor circulation (cold hands and feet)
  • Low energy, feeling tired
  • Weight gain (resting metabolic rate will be low, slow to burn fat)
  • Experiencing stress and depression
  • Hair loss and alopecia
  • Sexual dysfunction of Women and Men
  • Hot flashes

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy, functioning thyroid gland is to provide sufficient quantities of the unbound (free form) amino acid L-Tyrosine, as well as iodine, essential fats and probiotics.

  • Iodine: Iodine drops taken daily as directed by product of choice, as well as sources like kelp, dulse, and liquid potassium iodide contain plenty of iodine. (Full thyroid support combination products will also include iodine.)
  • L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is the main component in making energy (see below).
  • Essential Fatty Acids: These should include the omega-3s found in fish oil and seed oils.
  • Probiotics: 20 percent of thyroid gland function depends on these beneficial bacteria.

Avoid iodine temporarily in cases of hyperthyroid conditions.

Chronic depression, exhaustion, and poor metabolism are all potential symptoms of low levels of the amino acid L-Tyrosine. Most people over the age of 24 are low in this amino acid due to poor quality protein intake and certain digestive problems.

Supporting the Adrenal Glands

The adrenal glands produce epinephrine and norephinephrine (noradrenaline), both of which are hormones that stimulate the heart and metabolic activity. Of the two hormones produced, 80 percent is epinephrine, which is the more potent stimulator. Symptoms of insufficient adrenal function include:

  • Feeling exhausted, legs tired and weak
  • High cortisol levels, which promote fat storage
  • Excess secretion of adrenalin
  • Cravings, including sugar and salt, and eating binges
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Circles under the eyes
  • Water retention

Many symptoms of adrenal exhaustion may be related to a deficient dietary intake of pantothenic acid, since these glands are dependent on this nutrient. B5 (pantothenic acid) is earmarked for the adrenal glands by the body, and should be balanced with the other B vitamins when taking a higher dosage of B5. Adaptogenic herbs, like ginseng and ashwagandha, are very supportive, and rhodiola and phosphytidylserine are particularly helpful. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are highly endorsed, as with all glandular tissue issues.

Supporting the Pancreas

The pancreas falls into the triad cycle that encompasses the adrenal and thyroid glands, but can also be thought of as a major player in cardiovascular health. As blood glucose levels continue to escalate, it increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, which is the leading cause of death among diabetic patients. Specifically, the formation of fatty deposits in blood vessel walls due to high glucose blood levels negatively impacts the circulatory system by further contributing to the hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

For treating a deficient pancreas, consider vitamins A, C, E, D, and B-complex, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Also, a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that includes antioxidants will help out a lot.

  • Chromium is required, both for glucose regulation and for burning fat. It also boosts energy production.
  • Pantothenic acid is involved with blood sugar regulation. A lack of this B vitamin can promote diabetes and increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Essential fatty acids are helpful in their role of balancing glandular tissue concerns.

Supporting the Liver

The liver plays several key roles in your body besides removing and excreting wastes. The hormones made by the glands in your body use the cholesterol produced by the liver as a key building block. To that end, as illustrated, supporting the production of bile and cholesterol in proper proportions is crucial for heart disease reversal and maintenance.

Look to provide your liver with:

  • Essential fatty acids, the type of fats most desired by the liver.
  • Plant sterols, which are plant fats that block fat absorption.
  • Dietary greens and liquid chlorophyll, which phase 1 detoxification is dependent on.
  • Natural, deep cleansing and cholesterol-lowering agents. A sluggish liver produces sticky bile, which then forms gallstones in the gallbladder and in the liver. The following plants are wonderful options (which also help dissolve stones):

Fringetree (all trends)

Chinese bupleurum

Globe artichoke and jerusalem artichoke

Milk thistle and dandelion

Percentage of Omega 6 compared to Omega 3


Concentrate of Omega 3 fats and avoid those oils that are high in Omega 6 fatty acids:

1 tablespoon = Omega 6 Omega 3
Corn oil 7,280 mg 0 mg
Soybean oil 6,940 mg 0 mg
Sunflower oil 10,602 mg 0 mg
Safflower oil 10,073 mg 0 mg
Olive oil 1318 mg 103 mg
Flaxseed oil 1715 mg 7196 mg
Fish oil 0 mg 100 percent


Other Nutrients Necessary for Primary Body Function

It isn’t hard to imagine that our bodies require a wide range of minerals, vitamins (essential and non-essential) healthy fats, quality protein, live enzymes and antioxidants found in raw whole fruits and vegetables and quality liquids. Certain key nutrients have been mentioned to perform important and very specific functions. However there are just a few more that I would suggest concentrating on to round out an initial body pick-me-up program. Note there are over 150 nutrients in our body of which we are centering on a few of those that are in great demand on a daily basis. For example:

All B vitamins

MCT oil (brain food)

Vitamin D3





Liquid Chlorophyll (green concentrated juice from plants, a high iron and mineral source)

Freshly made vegetable juice that includes carrots, greens, beets, and/or bitter melon, celery root or black radish. (Many key vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants would be covered simply by adopting a regular regime of fresh juice – as well as being extremely cancer prohibitive.

The need for mainstream medications can be replaced with safe, natural solutions. As we’ve seen, the impact of our day-to-day dietary intake is one of the primary contributors to controlling inflammation and the spread of disease. By removing common culprits like toxic cooking oils and boosting key systems through judicious supplementation of vitamins and trace minerals, a person can begin a healing and disease reversal process.

And it is a process. But by understanding the many causes and imbalances in our day-to-day life, we gain the power to avert many of the negative outcomes of prolonged suffering. In learning the cause for many mainstream disease complaints, you will be better equipped with information and solutions that can become part of your daily routine.

Even just making better food choices and changing out old habits for new ones will make a world of difference. Employing foods that lower inflammation—as opposed to those that enhance it—is an important first step. Add in anti-inflammatory supplements that will also promote a nutritionally sound body (like omega-3 fatty acids and fresh juice) and you’re halfway there! And for those who need extra help in dealing with severe pain and inflammation, comfort can be provided through natural medicine and specific dietary nutrients, tailored to suit individual needs.

As a final note: the procedures and protocols are intended to help guide you through your healing process. But let’s not forget the importance and benefits of prevention! Even upon being healed, we must remember that we do not want a repeat performance. Take advantage of all that you have learned and are about to – to not only repair but maintain your body’s energy levels. Take hold of your renewed energy as you move forward from this day on!


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